Full Moon PUppet Show

The Full Moon Puppet Show is a project I started after college.  Myself and a group of friends set a monthly goal of creating a puppet show every full moon.  As the shows continued the acts increased and the audience grew.  Each show featured 6-8 puppet shows with live music between each act.  For three years the show performed throughout Minneapolis at the Bedlam Theatre, warehouses, gardens, and store fronts.  The show was funded through donations and volunteer work.  

After 3 years and 36 shows I took a break.  I returned to the project a year later where the show found a new home at Open Eye Figure Theatre.  Here The Full Moon Puppet Show had a new life with workshops and tech rehearsals for performers as well as a staff to run the show.  It was performed quarterly now on the full moon which gave more time for preparation and the quality of the shows increased.  After two years at Open Eye Theatre I took another break to explore new projects.